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Electronic Request to Address the Board

NOTICE DUE TO THEIR SENSITIVE NATURE, COMMENTS OR COMPLAINTS ABOUT PERSONNEL OR INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS WILL ONLY BE HEARD IN EXECUTIVE SESSION. ADDITIONALLY, OTHER TOPICS YOU WISH TO ADDRESS MAY ONLY BE APPROPRIATE FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION. IN SUCH INSTANCES, THE BOARD WILL DETERMINE IF YOUR COMMENTS ARE APPROPRIATE FOR OPEN OR EXECUTIVE SESSION AND WILL NOTIFY YOU ACCORDINGLY. A PERSON WHO DISRUPTS THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS OR WHOSE PRESENCE IS DETRIMENTAL TO THE MORALS, HEALTH, SAFETY, ACADEMIC LEARNING, OR DISCIPLINE OF THE PUPILS OR WHO LOITERS IN SCHOOLS OR ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, IS GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR. Any complaint about the District, including instruction, discipline, District personnel policy, procedure or curriculum, should be referred through proper administrative channels before it is presented to the Board. All complaints should be resolved through proper channels in the following order: 1. Teacher or Staff 2. Principal or Supervisor 3. Director or Administrator 4. Superintendent 5. Board of Trustees If these channels have been exhausted, this form should be filled out and handed to the Board clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting. The Board of Trustees follows a written agenda, a copy of which is available to assist you in participating in the meeting. If you have indicated on this form your desire to speak, at the appropriate time, the Chair will announce your name. You will have the floor a maximum of 2-3 minutes. The Board of Trustees encourages input from the public. If you want the Board to receive more information than time permits, please reduce your concerns to written form and send them to the Board Clerk. Written comments must include name, address, and telephone number. All individuals appearing before the Board are expected to follow these guidelines: 1. Address the Board only at the appropriate time as indicated on the agenda and when recognized by the Board Chair. 2. Identify oneself and be brief. Comments shall be limited to 2-3 minutes. In unusual circumstances, and when an individual has made a request in advance to speak for a longer period of time, the individual may be allowed to speak for more than 15 minutes. 3. The Board Chair may shorten or lengthen an individual’s opportunity to speak. The Chair may also deny an individual the opportunity if the individual has previously addressed the Board on the same subject within the past two months. 4. The Board Chair shall have the authority to determine procedural matters regarding public participation not otherwise defined in Board policy. 5. Patrons and community members who are unable to attend meetings in-person, are encouraged to submit public comment in writing. The Board Clerk will provide written comments to the Board during the period of public comment. 6. Presentations are to be civil and respectful. Public input shall not disrupt the public meeting. There shall be no intimidation against the Board, members of the Board, school employees, or students of the District. Shouting, loud statements, threats, name calling, profanity, or other improper conduct is strictly forbidden. Individuals engaging in inappropriate conduct will be asked to leave the meeting. Nothing in this policy shall prohibit the removal of any person who willfully disrupts a meeting to the extent that orderly conduct is, in the determination of the Board Chair, seriously compromised. Any person otherwise engaged in illegal conduct at the meeting may also be removed. Failure to leave may result in law enforcement intervention.

Check if any of the below identified subject matters are matters you wish to address in your presentation to the Board:

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