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First Grade
Student art

First Grade Learning Objectives:

Language Arts

Your student will:

  • Answer questions in oral or read text.

  • Sequence and retell a story.

  • Print legibly.

  • Write a complete sentence.

  • Listen and follow oral instructions.



Your student will:

  • Count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.

  • Identify coins and values.

  • Write numbers accurately.

  • Understand calendar concepts.

  • Tell and write time.



Your student will:

  • Classify matter as a solid, liquid, and gas.

  • Identify the needs and parts of plants.

  • Identify the life cycle of plants and animals.

  • Identify seasons.

  • Understand weather conditions.


Social Studies

Your student will:

  • Recognize USA symbols and figures.

  • Make and use maps.

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Mrs. Zingler:

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