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Rules & Safety

Supervision and Disciplinary Guidelines

(Quoted from: Idaho State Department of Transportation)


1. Pupil shall follow directions of the driver the first time given.

2. Pupil shall arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus arrives.

3. Pupil shall wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops.

4. Pupil shall wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay.

5. Pupil shall cross the road or street in front of the bus only after the bus has come to a

complete stop and upon direction of the driver.

6. Pupil shall go directly to an available or assigned seat when entering the bus.

7. Pupil shall remain seated and keep aisles and exits clear.

8. Pupil shall exhibit appropriate classroom conduct at all times.

9. Pupil shall refrain from throwing or passing objects on, from or into buses.

10. Pupil is permitted to carry only objects that can be held on his/her lap.

11. Pupil shall refrain from the use of profane language, obscene gestures, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance on the bus.

12. Pupil shall refrain from eating and drinking on the bus.

13. Pupil shall not carry hazardous materials, nuisance items or potentially disruptive animals onto the bus.

14. Pupil shall respect the rights and safety of others.

15. Pupil shall refrain from leaving or boarding the bus at locations other than the assigned stops at home or school.

16. Pupil shall refrain from extending head, arms or objects out of the bus windows.

17. Pupil shall refrain from hitching rides via the rear bumper or other parts of the bus.

18. Pupil shall limit the use of cell phones while on the bus.

19. Pupil shall remain clothed at all times while on the bus.

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