Board of Trustees


The Board of Education of Wallace School District #393 welcomes you to its meetings. All meetings are open to the public so that citizens may have the benefit of hearing board deliberations. All formal action by the Board of Education takes place during public meetings. Executive (private) sessions may be held to discuss personnel matters, the purchase or sale of property for competitive bidding, disputes involving court action, negotiations with employees and certain school security matters.

We appreciate your interest in the Wallace Schools and hope that you will plan to attend meetings of the Board of Education. We believe participation by the community is essential to maintain excellent educational programs for our students.


The Board meets at 6:00 PM the second Monday of each month in the library at Silver Hills Elementary School. All regular meeting dates are posted on the doors of the school and the superintendent's office. Changes to meetings and other special meeting are also posted there. Confirmation of meeting dates and times available by calling the school district office at (208-753-4515).

We encourage you to express your views on subjects related to our schools. Comments are welcome during the time designated on each regular Board agenda.

A copy of the meeting agenda is available on the information table near the entrance to the meeting room.

Board members are not paid for the meetings they attend. Board members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred for approved board related activities.

Board Duties

The Board of Education is an elected body that is responsible for creating, adapting, monitoring, evaluating and revising policies which govern the school district. It also provides direction to the superintendent. In addition to policy making, the Board of Education shall fulfill its role by:

  • Identifying shared values and creating a shared vision of the purpose of public education in the Wallace School District

  • Engage the ownership (residents of the Wallace school district) in an on-going dialogue to educate and gain a commitment to the shared vision of school improvement

  • Empowering the Superintendent to develop and implement strategies to realize the shared vision

  • Ensuring all school district policies, procedures and programs are continually assessed against the shared vision

  • Hiring the Superintendent of Schools

  • Annually appraising the collective performance of the Board

  • Committing to self-development regarding educational issues

Board Goals

GOALS FOR 2018/2019

  1. Maintain a balanced budget.

  2. Address sub staffing challenges.

  3. Continue implementing, strengthening and supporting all educational standards and instructional staff.

  4. Continue to work improving communication with all patrons.

  5. Provide continued training for Board Trustees.

  6. Maintain Board policies.