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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Learning Objectives:

Language Arts


 The students will be able to (TSWBAT):

  • Understand the meaning of the prefixes: re, pre, de, co, extra, over, trans, un, dis, mis, non, im, and in.

  • Understand the meaning of suffixes able/ible, er/or, less, and ous/ful

  • Understand and use synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms (homophones and homographs) in context

  • Use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words, multiple meaning words, and compound words

  • Infer meaning and draw conclusions from explicitly state text and implied textual information

  • Identify author’s purpose: inform, persuade, entertain, and explain

  • Compare and contrast information from multiple sources

  • Determine cause and effect from written text

  • Identify and describe story elements; character, setting, and plot (conflict/resolution)

  • Identify simile and metaphors (basic and extended) and personification.

  • Identify alliteration, idiom, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia

  • Determine main idea from written text

  • Sequence; determine events in correct order

  • Identify/determine persuasive elements: of bias, assumption, validity of source and stereotyping

  • Determine if a statement is true, false, fact, opinion or inference.

  • Use reference skills: finding information in the table of contents, glossary, and index, and understanding text organization



The students will be able to (TSWBAT):

  • Generate a main idea appropriate to the type of writing

  • Select organizational strategies appropriate for writing

  • Apply and appropriate writing format for purpose and audience

  • Revise draft for meaning, clarity, and effective sequencing

  • Add details to more effectively accomplish the purpose of writing

  • Apply and add transition words to clarify sequence.

  • Rearrange words, sentences, and paragraphs to enhance writing style

  • Edit the draft using an editing checklist with common editing marks

  • Spell correctly grad 6 high-frequency words

  • Apply spelling rules appropriate to grade level and spell accurately

  • Identify complex sentences with subject and verb agreement

  • Use correctly: future verb tenses, adjectives, personal pronouns, conjunctions, adverbs

  • Apply capitalization correctly in writing

  • Use quotation marks and commas to punctuate dialogue


The students will be able to (TSWBAT): 

  • Order and Compare decimals through thousandths

  • Add and subtract decimals with horizontal and vertical alignment

  • Multiply whole numbers and decimals with 2-digit multipliers with horizontal and vertical alignment

  • Organize and use data in tables, graphs, and charts in order to answer questions

  • Solve everyday story problems

  • Use order of operations with and without exponents

  • Divide decimals with the decimal point in the dividend, divisor, and/or both

  • Determine GCF/LCM given a set of whole numbers

  • Identify fractions in lowest terms and find equivalency

  • Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions

  • Convert decimals, fractions, and percents

  • Add and subtract with like and unlike denominators simplifying and regrouping as necessary

  • Measure with customary and metric units

  • Understand and use proportion and ratios

  • Determine probability of certain outcomes

  • Estimate with whole numbers and decimals

  • Calculate perimeter, area, and volume of various shapes

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